Bikers Quality Body Armor

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Bikers Qualify Body Armor

The heavy duty body armour that gives ultimate protection to your torso.
* Can be used for motorcycle, bike riding, skiing and skating, and other entertainment
* Brand new and High quality!!

* Material:50% nylon, 30% polyester, 8% spandex, 7% eva, 5% polyethylene
* Net weight:1024g
* Type:Flame section
* Flexible slimline back protector design
* Thick, soft foam padding at chest, shoulders and forearms and elbows for shock-absorbance

* Hard protectors on chest, upper arms, elbows and forearms, protecting rider from hard projectile objects
* Hard protector strap on shoulder to protect collar bone and shoulder
* Foam mesh fabric to provide comfort, stretchability and better ventilation

* Cross-design elastic straps at forearms to secure elbow guards in place
* Built-in kidney belt with double straps system for excellent fitting
* If you usually ride a Motorcycle for a long time, you should choose this kind of Protective Armor Protective Gear to effectively protect yourself

* Motorcycle enthusiast, cross-country athletics riders and road warriors should not miss it.


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