4″ Diaphragm Deluge Valve


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4″ Diaphragm Deluge Valve

When the risk from fire to property and critical business processes is at the highest levels, ‘Water Deluge’ has an exceptional track record of effectiveness as a fire suppression system. Now Reliable’s latest FM approved fire protection valve, the ‘DDV’ sets new standards for performance, function, reliability and simplicity…

Proven technology

For decades, Water Deluge Fire Protection has been widely used to manage the risks associated with high challenge environments such as those found in the off-shore and petrochemical industries. At the heart of a Deluge system is the Control Valve, which is required to respond correctly to a detection signal or manual input, then ensure that a sufficient volume of water is promptly released to the open spray nozzles.

Innovation in design

Reliable’s latest valve, the DDV (Diaphragm Deluge Valve,) utilises a Kevlar® reinforced hemispherical rubber diaphragm to hold back water when the valve is in stand-by mode. The diaphragm has been specifically designed for a high level of endurance, coping with working pressures up to 400psi. The pioneering design of the valve and trim options bring together innovation with simplicity, the DDV provides one of the lowest hydraulic friction loss values for diaphragm type valves in the industry.


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